Who's Who

Daniel Abraham

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Vivian Abraham

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Ian Ally-Seals

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Jason Alonso

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sam anderson

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Kate "The Wrong Kate" B.

Kate was introduced to LARP in 1998-ish when people she'd known since preschool or earlier tricked her into coming to a game. (Closest she'd come before then was Eric the Darker's annual Paranoia event-- since back before he tested the food-- SRSLY.) In the intervening time, Kate was a player in a series of DC-based campaigns, including Mersienne Medieval Fantasy, 1936: Horror, and Brassy’s Men, then sold her soul (or just sold out?) and became a staff member for the 1948: Signals and Threads of Damocles campaigns before repatriating to her native New England. Her writing and GM credits include the full-weekend LARP Drink Deeper, occasional scenarios for DC-area campaigns, and exercising questionable judgment in agreeing to do bulk cooking and LARP catering, including many years of devilled eggs for the Chelmsford Intercon Con Suites. These days, she's mostly floor-GMing other peoples’ games.

Kate is honored to again assist “Team Brit” as a Yankee delegate for the reprisal of Railways. It is surmised that being genetically British, having lived in the UK, her obsession with frockage fueling Sue’s own addiction, or that repeated trips to the England to LARP in UK-Freeforms events contributed to her selection for this post, but it's probably because she shows up on time, brings tea, and can teach the basics of Regency/Federal-era set dances.

Rex "RexCelestis" Balboa

TLDR version:

Renaissance man. No really, I take classes in it at the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

Fencer, reader, facilitator, roleplayer, runner, cosplayer, and comic book geek.

Full version:

I've been a comic book collector since I was 12 and kept active even when I was living abroad. My current collection runs about 6,000 books and I add 40 ~ 60 new comic each month. Yes. I read them all.

I've also been involved tabletop role play since about that time. I've run a number of different system and I consider a ten year World of Darkness chronicle the bar against which I judge most other RP experiences. I currently run a monthly Firefly game for a group of 8 adults.

My experience with LARP started later. After experiencing the wonder of Fete Fatale productions, I ran a short lived WoD LARP, The Essentials. I am excited to be part of the storytelling staff of Shadow Over Mars.

Steampunk has been a more recent hobby acquisition. The music attracted me, initially, but the creativity, costuming, multi-generational and multi- ethnic nature of the scene quickly hooked my entire family. It's something we've been doing together now for the last eight years. It's been the gateway for us to try cosplay and crafting. We've made some nice jewelry, a Hand of Doom prop for my daughter's HellGirl Halloween costume, and a suit of armor for a Deathstroke cosplay.

I've started training in a Venetian style of rapier, even more recently. After years of studying Japanese martial arts, I've found the switch refreshing and interesting. I am currently a novice with the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

Stephen Balzac

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Beth Baniszewski

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Kendra Beckler

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Liliya Benderskaya

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John Benfield

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Chad "Laurion" Bergeron

Chad is a long time fixture (c.f. Lifer) at Intercon. All of his joints still move if oiled occasionally, so he's still useful to keep around for occasional use. He makes an excellent piece to leave in the lobby to welcome new larpers, and the rest of the time can be pressed into basic menial work. He no longer has the shine he once had in his heyday, but a true aficionado will see what was once there. If you see the Chad somewhere around the event, please feel free to give a friendly hello, and of course, he's always ready to answer any questions you might have, knowing most of the answers due to long service.

Cameron Betts

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Holly Bianchi

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Vicki Bloom

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Emily Care Boss

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Sarah Bowman

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Sarah Bowman

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Laura Boylan

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Anna Bradley

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David Braslow

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Jason Brodsky

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Amanda Brown

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Maury Brown

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Joey Brunelle

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Katherine "Kath" Bryant

Kath does hear the people sing and will, in fact, join your crusade. This is her second time GMing at Intercon.

Nuance Bryant

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Brandon Brylawski

Brandon has been larping since *cough* and has written a number of games, including Starship Edsel,Tales of Pendragon,Arkham on Five Sanity Points a Day,and Galaxy Comics Presents: Identity Crisis. He has lots more ideas than free time.

Nat Budin

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David "magusdave" Burbank

DavE Burbank has been role-playing since the age of three - winning acclaim and an early bedtime for his portrayal of the Weatherman, and his artistic interpretation of storm fronts and low pressure systems in crayon on his bedroom wall. LARPing came natural to him in elementary school, writing such gems as "Army", "Explorers in the Jungle", and "Creepy Shack in the Woods". Now an adult, DavE helps write and staff Be Epic's Second Dawn LARP and attempts to entertain other Intercon GMs with diceless tabletop shenanigans.

He is pleased and excited to work with such a talented team for Project Skuld. In case of writer's block, he consults the head of Mimir (which whispers constant, wondrous and strange).

Aaron Caldwell

New to the world of Convention Games and attending his first ever Intercon, Aaron is a veteran of numerous Boffer larps over the last ten years. Currently he is one of the game directors of Be Epic's Steam and Cinders and plays in it's other game, Second Dawn.

Aaron happens to love science fiction, Norse mythology and heavily detailed storytelling, all of which led him to jump at the chance to help write and run Project Skuld: Terra.

David Camacho

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Peter Casey

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Willliam Chapman

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Ken Clary

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Megan "Megan" Coppock

Megan works two jobs, spends almost every weekend LARPing, crafts and crochets, hosts a monthly murder mystery dinner, spends way too much time on Facebook messenger, and is rumored to have free time within which she writes as many LARPs as she can.

All of this of course was a natural coping mechanism to realizing she would never develop magic abilities to save the world, marry George the Rogue King, or wield the Blue Sword. She's holding out hope for Neverland.

Heather "Calluna Vulgaris" Cougar

is just here for the food.

Sean Curran

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Vito "Simple Wordsmith" D'Agosta

Writing a bio is hard for a thing like Intercon. Too factual and it is unwieldy. Too silly and one wonders about having one at all. Plus, the new members to Intercon might actually look at some of these and hope for some minuscule amount of information to inform them about whether or not to sign up for this person's games. Some years a bio gets put in some manner of code, whether binary or using a relatively simple Caesar shift. Sometimes it gets left blank until the deadline is passed. Sometimes... well, you get the point.

Every year, GMs at Intercon wrestle with this dilemma. This year is no different.

Quinn D

Quinn has been playing LARPs sense 2004, written several games, and has volunteered time to help run the convention for several years. In the current position as GM Liaison, Quinn seeks to help support the vital work done by the numerous GMs who have offered to run games for everyone to play. As a member of convention staff, Quinn also seeks to help make Intercon the best friendly, welcoming, inclusive, fun and safe place it can be.

Kat "Kat" Davis

Street Shaman with Druidic Roots who primarily enjoys French Fries and Writing Things and Running Around the Woods Hitting People with Padded Sticks.

Stephanie Davis

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Kathleen De Smet

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Jon "Jon" Dearborn

A life-long and avid fan of gaming and theatrical pursuits, Jon is the author of several "not even close to finished but possibly brilliant" literary masterpieces that one day will be transcribed from its current medium of being inside his head. A self proclaimed aficionado of everything bizarre, his mission in life is to make everyone else's life more surreal.

Jon has graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he majored in Necromancy. Currently he serves as a faculty member of Miskatonic University working towards his post-doctorate in "Awesome."

Simon "Joiler" Deveau

Games written and run at previous Intercon conventions include:

Malcor, Barad Wath, Resolution 2734, Skid Row, Darfur Bingo, Null Node

Zeb Dezern

Wields a cane (+1 speed, -1 stealth). Took plenty of flaws at char-gen.

Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald

Bringer of Port, Writer of Tales
There are a lot of LARPs on the Intercon schedule this year, but if you were particularly fast, it would've been possible for you to sign up for:

That's right - there's an entire "Jeff" track of LARP at Intercon this year - and it's full! This is what I do, but no matter how long I've been doing it, I'm still learning the craft. I'm always looking for the next interesting game to play, that will show me something clever I can use in my next project. Maybe it's yours?

Tom Dimiduk

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Samuel Dukhovni

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Jen "Lady J" Eastman-Lawrence

Liaisons in Space!
Lady J is excited about her foray into GM space this year, as it will be her first at Intercon! Many moons ago she helped create, write and run GameBob, in Millers Reach. She is happy that Kate will be teaching the dancing.

Zoe Eddy

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Jim Edwards-Hewitt

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Ingrid Ellingboe

Ingrid Ellingboe is in 4th grade attends the Math and Science Academy in her hometown. Her favorite subject is history. Her favorite books are TA Barron's Merlin, and Kazu Kibuishi's Explorer series and Amulet series. While she's a fan of video games (Minecraft and Battleblock Theater, and Mario), she is an avid fan of Munchkin. She plays an NPC in her mom's epistolary RPG and wishes she had more chances to play table-top RPGs and larps. She's also into Doctor Who and Norse mythology. She has a puppy named Loki, and teamed up with her older sister to make sure he got that name. Intercon O is Ingrid's second Intercon. She's excited and a little apprehensive about helping to GM this year.

Julia "Julia" Ellingboe

Julia writes larps, table-top rpgs, and short fiction. She's co-written 4 larps, solo written 2, and played in many. She hosts Indie+ monthly webcast Gaming as Other. She was born under the sign Virgo.

Erika "Eeeeka" Emrick

Eeeeka is full of planning fu and gaming fu and short of most other things.

Caitlin Feeley

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Will Fergus

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Elisa Ford

Elisa enjoys knitting, swearing at inanimate objects (including the knitting), and pie that somebody else baked.

As far as LARPing goes, she's the fearless leader of Red Star Games, a theater LARP organization based out of Portland, OR celebrating its fourth birthday in 2015.

Craig Fox

No bio provided

Elisabeth "Lise" Fracalossi

Lise is a larper, writer, reader, front-end web developer, and collector of silly hats. She has written two games, Cracks in the Orb and League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students, neither of which is this game.

Kate Fractal

Kate is vaguely wondering if bios should contain actual information. If so, Kate is involved with LARPs to try and learn all the things, and is currently trying to figure out relationships. If not, snail snail snail snail snail...

Doug "Dig" Freedman

"Fencing, fighting, revenge...True Love..."

"It doesn't sound too bad. I'll try to stay awake."

Gail Freedman

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Kate Freedman

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Viktoriya Fuzaylova

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Bernie Gabin

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Anandi Gandolfi

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Marsha Gershon

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Jenn Giorno

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Kevin Girard

Kevin is based in Providence, RI, and has been designing and building props, costumes, and sets since 2007. After seeing Punchdrunk's Sleep No More in 2010, Kevin decided to go back to school and turn immersive, interactive theater into a career. He got his degree from Rhode Island College in 2014, and has not looked back. His credits include helping to build the new set of Sleep No More in New York City; guiding people through the interactive adventures of 5 Wits in Foxboro; and performing as a living statue in Providence, Boston, and beyond.

This is Kevin's fourth year at Intercon, and he's glad to be back. He is currently looking for work in his field, and will be carrying copies of his resume, just in case.

Susan "nikin" Giusto


I am the Intercon Muse...

GMing this year's run of Across the Sea of Stars. I build LARP's, props, scenery and have some fun playing in games as well. I also wrangle various Intercon personnel to keep the Art Department for Intercon running smoothly.

I need a back rub, someone to dance with and an interesting, all consuming LARP to lose myself into for a millennium.

BTW, I am not from this planet.

Katie Gordon

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Natalia Granger

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Weiyi Guo

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Tara Halwes

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Greer Hauptman

Names are weird. Like, your parents just chose a sound that identifies who you are as a human being for the rest of your life.

Today's gender is:
a̷͓̤͈ͅ ̟̫͈̩͓̳s̟͔h̵̫͖̺͕i̻̼͚p̘̭̬͖w͓̹̬̪̲͔͉r̫̗̦̱̲é͕̭͔c̡̖̻̹k̠̘̺̮̦ ̙̩̼̱͚a̷̩̗͈̘͔t͔̖̺̘̲ ̢̬̤̗̝̺̹t̫h̜̹͔̥̭͘e̴ b̬̠͇ǫ̗̳͚t͏̬͍̞̦̘t̳̜̺̲̣̟͖o͢ṃ̯͜ ̠͚̮͉o͓f̘̮͔ ̨̘̬̫̞t̲̟̭͓he͉͉̲̣̫̹ ̮̭̫͎̲̩̘͠o͈̗c̜̖̭͓̮͚͜ͅe͍̗̮͓̺a̶͙̦n͍̭͚̞̞͔ ̹̙̩ț̙̼̯̼̘ͅh̵͔a̴̖͚t̬̗̺̥̠̣͢ ̙i̭̗͔͝s̼̼͍͖ ̩̰͔͎̕sl͉̳͓̖o̙͙̩w͚͙̤͔͟l̳y̠͉̕ t͕̬̥̼ư̼̜r̻̯͓̘̖͕̀n̯͓͇i̴͓̫̘͈̳n̴̪͎̣g͔͓̩̹̝̝͔͞ ͍̬̙̦i̸̗̺n̨̪͍̙̟̯̬̠ṱ͕͠o̷͙̖̞̱̭ ̥̙͇̟̭̘a҉̣̳̟̤̘͕ ̞͇̞͓̺͢c̮̣̲̯o̬̲̪̣̮r̵al̠ ̖r̼̼̟͔̦̠͢ͅe̮͡e̮̜̹͔̻̻͝f̴̫͓͔̯̩

Catherine Havasi

No bio provided

John "Warthog9" Hawley

I am mostly human, and have a tendency to build things. Crazy things like robot dogs, quad copters and star ship bridges.

Kristen Hendricks

No bio provided

Devin Hendrickson

No bio provided

Tegan Hendrickson

Hailing from the wilds of Suburban Maryland, Tegan is an accomplished nerd and talks to people for a living. When not randomly writing the occasional LARP or playing in one, she runs the LARP of the Month event out of her own (parents') home. She's excited to be visiting her friends up at Intercon and looks forward to many Intercons to come.

Derek Herrera

Derek is glad to be back at Intercon and is excited to run a game for you once again. He looks forward to all the games that will run, and all the magical moments that players will create. Oh, and beer. He looks forward to drinking beer with good people.

Jared Hite

No bio provided

Sharone Horowit-Hendler

Sharone was first pulled into GMing by Foam Brain. Shortly after her first time GMing, she was conned into wanting to work on her first game with Jared Hite. One year later, GM Space appeared in full magnificence, borne upon the wings of the dragons, heralded by the trumpets of the Gods. Or maybe the Elder Gods.

Sharone is a PhD student in linguistic anthropology, studying how we present and create gender identity through our language. She is in love with her topic, so ask her about it but be ready to have your ear talked off.

Diana Hsu

No bio provided

Kara Hurvitz

was the turkey ALL ALONG!

Adrienne Kammer

No bio provided

John "the tall one." Kammer

Although Mr. Kammer has written and run numerous games at several conventions including but not limited to GenCon, Origins, InterCon, and DexCon, not to mention having written and run campaign LARP - his claims of having single-handedly invented the genre of LARP are demonstrably false.

Still, several of his games have proven to be amusing receiving such acclaim as "Hey, that didn't suck!" and "I want my money and two hours of my life back" which, well you kind of had to be there it sounded better in person and the fisticuffs which ensued were truly amazing.

In case it isn't clear, Mr. Kammer does not take himself too seriously. Neither should you.

Mike "Blue" Kanarek

Mike Kanarek is a veteran gamer and LARPer who generally loves running games more than playing them. He loves creating moments and scenes which immerse players visually as well as emotionally in their new environment by creating richly detailed props, sets, characters and story lines. His first love is weekend long boffer LARP but he's also run and played plenty of shorter/theater LARPs. He is a founder and director of Be Epic, a non-profit organization that runs dozens of LARP events a year and provides resources for GMs and game directors.

Dave "Conchair" Kapell

Con Chair

Tegan Kehoe

Tegan is a historian and museum professional by day, freelance writer by night, and a LARPer during the witching hour. Well, that's not true, as she's not much of a night owl, but you get the idea.

Philip Kelley

No bio provided

Jonathan Kindness

No bio provided

Andy Kirschbaum

No bio provided

Rebecca Kletnieks

No bio provided

Stephen Kohler

No bio provided

David "Khyros" Kowarsky

I heard you like games, so I put some game in your game so you can game while you game.

Kevin Kreiner

No bio provided

Joshua "Josh" Kronengold

Joshua Kronengold has been larping since the early 90s, and started writing, running, editing and designing games 5-10 years later. Rumors that his body is a puppet controlled from an AI on the moon are, sadly, entirely fabricated.

Sue "Queenortart" L.

You choose

Fluffy GM for dancing and railways, ruthless bidcom member, or scathing panellist. This year I'm planning Writers are Total Cocks, and I shall write some power point slides about how to run a game writing weekend.

Alessandro La Porta

No bio provided

Renee Lasko

No bio provided

Tim "Teem" Lasko

Ocelot, Minion, Potentially-Useful Boy, Kong Tender
Kong will have his revenge! Soon! Soon!

James Lawrence

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Tucker Le

Besides being a GM who rules with an iron fist and an expert teddy bear wrestler, Tucker believes that larping is about feeling the experience. Along with customizing roles to maximize unique enjoyment and realism, this GM is more than happy (scarily so) to provide the darkness in order for players to find their light.

Matt LeVan

No bio provided

Alon Levy

No bio provided

Bess Libby

No bio provided

Ira Libby

No bio provided

Julian Lighton

No bio provided

Albert Lin

No bio provided

Anthony Linkens

Been LARPing since 1991. I've played many Fantasy LARPs as well as a few sci- fi LARPs. I helped run Starship Hecate at Intercon a few years ago and am excited to bring the next chapter of our game!

Peter Litwack

No bio provided

Julia Lunetta

No bio provided

Mel MacDonald

No bio provided

Isabel Malonzo

Who are you? Why am I here? Why is it so cold? And why is there this white stuff on the ground?

Am I stuck in a game? Oh no. The bears are coming again . . .

Ted "Ted" Marr

Ted enjoys telling stories and building worlds in collaboration with other people; it is perhaps unsurprising that those proclivities might lead to running games from time to time. He also make independent films, mostly in the horror genre. So that... sometimes bleeds over. No pun intended, but now that it's written, I'm not going to change it. I'm also going to change person/pronouns mid-blurb. So there.

Michael McAfee

No bio provided

Elyssia McCormick

Elyssia was born roughly in Delaware some number of years ago, already wearing purple glitter. Since then she’s written, organized and or run countless number of games and gaming conventions, as well as been a pillar of the local gaming community. Then she found and married Mr. Darcy, and so now resides in England.

Charlie "grejam" McCutcheon

I must do the things the cat tells me to, he commands me...

Kristen McFadyen

Kristen likes running big games and playing small ones. She discovered she loved larping over a decade ago and has never looked back.

Tony Mitton

No bio provided

Benjamin Morrow

No bio provided

Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is a game designer and writer, who has been creating live action experiences ranging from theater LARPs to international ARGs since 2001. She is a huge fan of player-driven narrative, challenging themes, incorporating technology into narrative game experiences, and education through games.

She is a co-founder/organizer of The Larp Forum, Co- founder/CEO of BostonFIG, Community Manager of Boston Indies.

Caroline lives in Boston with her husband Kyle and their two cats Nyarlathotep and Meili.

Aaron Newman

No bio provided

Drew Novick

No bio provided

kyle oconnor

No bio provided

Jeff Ogorzalek

No bio provided

Morgan Ong

No bio provided

Lisa Padol

No bio provided

Dan Parke

No bio provided

Jamey Patten

No bio provided

Matt Peairs

No bio provided

Carolyn Perry

No bio provided

Joshua Rachlin

Joshua has been LARPing since 1998 or '99. They have been a contributing writer for dozens of LARPs, including two award-winning Iron GM games. They feel strongly that cons should be safe spaces for all attendees, and does their best to implement that while serving on the concoms of Intercon and Arisia.

Trey Reilly

No bio provided

Kevin Riggle

No bio provided

Phoebe Roberts

Phoebe is a Boston-area theater artist who works in writing, acting, directing, modeling, and costume design. Her current major project is her series of new plays, "Mrs. Hawking," mystery capers set in Victorian London about the adventures of two women who secretly defend other ladies against the injustices of society. More informaton can be found at her website, Mrshawking.com

Tory Root

No bio provided

Ronald Rose

No bio provided

Sparrow Rubin

No bio provided

Caelyn "inurashii" Sandel

Caelyn Sandel was secretly a woman THIS WHOLE TIME!!

EB "EB or Acoustic_Shadow" Savage

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

Eva Schiffer

I consume oxygen and I'm generally not on fire.

Jason Schneiderman

No bio provided

Adina Schreiber

No bio provided

Adina Schreiber

Raffle Coordinator
Boffer and theater enthusiast. Costuming enthusiast. Bid com member, raffle coordinator, player liaison and poster-maker for Intercon, occasional panelist for PreCon and NELCO, and NEIL board member.

This bio is short and sweet. Just like me, if I were sweet.

Katie Sedlar

No bio provided

Kreg Segall

No bio provided

Santo Sengupta

No bio provided

Christopher "Cristovau" Shannon

Chris Shannon is a Chelmsford resident who has been going to Intercon for over 10 years. As a member of WONDERLARPS he has written four games and run six games at Intercon. This year will be his lucky 7th game. He is also an avid boffer LARP fan, and staff member for the campaign game, Shadows of Amun. Normally, he doesn't talk about himself in 3rd person unless he can break the 4th wall, which I do whenever I can.

Joshua Sheena

No bio provided

David Simkins

I have been playing role playing games my whole life, and have been writing and gamemastering them for almost all of it. I now have the honor and privilege of teaching role playing design and development at Rochester Institute of Technology, where I am an assistant professor. My book, The Arts of LARP is available from Amazon. Find me at the conference and I should have a few copies for sale at Amazon's price (below list price).

Margaret "Mags" Simkins

Mags Simkins is a veteran LARPER originally from the Chicago/ Madison WI LARP scene and has recently moved to Rochester NY.

Andrew "AJ" Smith

Starships. Railways. Martians. Madness. AIs. Cultists. Impressively big hats. Pudding. Dancing.
It must be Intercon again.

Brad Smith

No bio provided

Lizzie Stark

No bio provided

Julia Suggs

No bio provided

Theresa Sullivan

No bio provided

Kim "redfishie" Sward

Kim has been found for more than a decade roaming the NH seacoast and the Boston Area. She's frequently found singing to herself, has a passion for costuming, and blonde hair.

Anita Szostak

Art Director
"Here am I floating 'round my tin can
Far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do"

From Major Tom by David Bowie

Dole Whip! Another busy year taking care of the artwork for Intercon. As always, thanks to my partners in crime, Susan & Barry.

Thorin Tabor

No bio provided

Rory Talk

No bio provided

Rachel Tanenhaus

No bio provided

Gaylord Tang

Just an art major who has played a lot of games, from theater-style to boffer LARPs, to boardgames to RPGs, to wargames to computer games. Stepping up to run a few LARPs here (M, N, & O so far) and elsewhere. A NYC person visiting this near-Boston area, with no sport allegiances to worry about.

Barry Tannenbaum

No bio provided

Brady Tatro

No bio provided

Stephen "Stephen Tihor" Tihor

Stephen has been a gamer since high school, from strategy games at SPI to Postal Diplomacy and the Slobinpolitz Journal to the dawn of D&D. He started LARPing at the first Arabian Nights, write a couple of years thereafter, and now also serves on the plot team for a NERO chapter near New Haven

Mike Tomczak

No bio provided

Cathleen Townsend

No bio provided

Thomas Traina

Tom is believed to have been born in the 5th or 6th century BCE in the village of Chu Jen. He worked in the Imperial Palace and was eventually promoted to Keeper of the Archives for the royal court of Emperor Zhou. In protest of its state of moral decay, he left China riding west on a water buffalo. He was stopped by a border guard and asked to write down his philosophy before leaving. He completed the book overnight and left the next day, never to be seen again.

Warren Tusk

No bio provided

Hilary Umbreit

No bio provided

Nicole "Nic" Vega

Nic is mainly science by volume. This science is terrible and awesome. Nic is plotting the future. The future will be glorious.

Amy Waggener

No bio provided

Jessica Wagner

No bio provided

Will Wagner

Will first started LARPing in 1988 but was not exposed to theater-style games until Intercon A. After that, he caught the bug and has been writing and running LARPs since Intercon B.

He has run games at nearly every Intercon in both New England and MidAtlantic since then (except for a year off during N). He returns to writing again for Intercon O with the latest in the Grimm Tales series of games and another games written for kids.

Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks

Mark "Justin" Waks
Mark Waks (better known as Justin du Coeur) is a fictional entity, the public face of the corporate person known as Querki. Text that purports to come from him is actually composed by a large group, which uses Querki to self-organize and decide who and what he will be today. Please forgive the many apparent inconsistencies in his behaviour and interests -- design by committee never works perfectly.

Paul Wayner

No bio provided

Suzanne Wayner

No bio provided

Matthew Weber

No bio provided

Susan Weiner

No bio provided

Jeannie "On Crack Woman" Whited

Jeannie doesn't think she's run two games at Intercon before. Jeannie isn't quite sure what she was thinking, but it's definitely her fault as she talked the other GMs into it. Jeannie may attempt to claim that her horse made her do it, but she's probably lying.

Brian Williams


It's me again, the bearded Brit with the glasses (I don't think any of the other Brits have beards this year). Yes, I'm back for another year :-)

Anyway, this year I have swapped AJ for the home-grown Jeff Diewald who is going to help me run my interesting 8-player game, "Hello, You Must Be...". Well, help... Hmmm, actually we're running it twice in the same slot, he's running one of them, I'm running the other one. So, maybe "running my game for me..." might have been a better description.

If you've played my games before (and enjoyed them) then trust me, you'll like this one. If you've not played my games before, then this might not be the best one to start with...


Eric Wirtanen

No bio provided

Thomas Wohlers

No bio provided

Abrihette Yawa

No bio provided

Ian Ynda-Hummel

No bio provided

Laura Young

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Li-Chi "lichifruit" Young

The goth loli says 'Go go go lolita let's go.'

I like moesauruses. They're a Christmas miracle. I want one. I want ten.

I also like jundin' people out.

Mike "Buggy" Young

Mike Young has been running larps for longer than some of you have been alive. Of late, he has become interested in playing with the format of larps, stretching their boundaries, and seeing what can be done with them.

Daniel Zaharopol

Dan has been LARPing for about 20 years. He's written and run games of all kinds, from 4-hour one shots to weekend-long "rent a house in Maine" events to yearlong campaign games. He loves the collaborative storytelling aspect of LARPs, and the worlds created by compelling and deep characters.

Kosta Zavras

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Andrew Zorowitz

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